8 Ways to Amp Up Your Tailgate | Melissa Irish
Melissa Irish

8 Ways to Amp Up Your Tailgate


group of people at tailgate

Fall is here, which only means one thing in many households: it’s football season. And no football season is complete without an awesome tailgate. No matter who you’re cheering for, you can always count on a win at the tailgate — so use these tips to take it to the next level! 

  1. Forgot your speakers, but still want to blast some tunes? Just stick your phone into an empty cup or large bowl — it’s a makeshift way of amplifying the sound.
  2. Glue magnets to your koozies so you can attach them to your car when you need two hands. That way, you don’t have to risk getting your drink knocked over on the ground.
  3. Don’t let your friends aimlessly wander the parking lot searching for your tailgate. Tie distinct balloons or flags to your car so it’s easier to spot. “Look for the silver car with the red and gold balloons!” is much better direction than, “Umm, it’s the silver car on the left-ish side of the parking lot?”
  4. Toss sage or rosemary on the charcoals for a natural mosquito repellent.
  5. Label your coolers so your guests can find their desired drinks faster. This trick especially comes in handy for the later, chillier games of the season, when you definitely don’t want to rout through an entire icy cooler just to find that last Boulevard Wheat.
  6. Instead of packing your coolers with ice, pack them with frozen water bottles. Toward the end of the tailgate, you’ll have perfectly cold bottles of water to drink instead of heavy, ice-laden coolers to lug back to your car.
  7. Use an empty laundry detergent dispenser with a pump as a DIY handwashing station. Fill the dispenser with water and set soap and paper towels next to it.
  8. Pump up your tailgate with cute, spirited details, like temporary tattoos, cupcakes frosted in your team’s colors and decorations.

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